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  • Office or store cleaning

    We know how important it is for your working environment to be kept flawlessly clean at all times, both to convey the best possible image to your clients and to help ensure ideal ergonomic conditions to your employees.

    By understanding that need we focus on hand-picking the cleaning products that are ideal for the surfaces and materials at your location, besides being ecologically certified.

    We also ensure maximum flexibility by accepting the scheduling of new appointments at a short notice, with communication possible by phone, email or directly in our website which includes a calendar interface with tracking of appointments unique in Luxembourg.

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  • Cleaning of properties for real estate

    If your property has just been built, renovated or returned after a lease and you need a cleaning service to quickly put it in top conditions before leasing or selling it, contact us and we'll send a team as soon as possible to perform an in-depth cleaning and have it ready in a couple of days or even for the same day.

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  • Cleaning of common areas

    Tired of dirty stairs, elevators or garages? Contact us and let us make your problems go away! We clean common areas with the same high standards as we clean offices or residences, with the desired regularity and scope.

    We can also manage the building's trash and recycling bins if desired.

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  • Residential cleaning

    There's nothing quite like returning home from a tiring day at work to find everything sparkling clean, no dishes to wash, no clothes to iron and a welcoming bed with clean sheets.

    Contact us to enjoy this feeling as often as you like. You can also schedule one-off appointments for unexpected events, contacting us via phone, email or our website as preferred.

    We can use our or your equipment and products.

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  • Ironing

    Do you prefer to take care of the cleaning by yourself but are unable or unwiling to deal with the growing pile of clothes to be ironed?

    Not a problem! You can either become a client for the residential cleaning service on a per-hour basis exclusively for the ironing or you can select our ironing service which is charged per piece.

    You can also change your choice at any time. This flexibility allows all our clients to find the exact service they need, and we are able to serve them in the best way possible.

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