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Vitor and Elvira met when she was assigned to clean his office in the Luxembourg city center. Financial services and cleaning don’t have much in common, but the same language, nationality and recent move to Luxembourg led them to establish a strong friendship.

Unlike most of her colleagues, before arriving in Luxembourg Elvira was already a cleaning professional, with accumulated experience of almost 30 years. This allowed her to do a flawless job while also having the time to discuss all types of issues, including the cleaning industry and the frustration they both felt in their relationship with the company she worked for.

The clear feeling that it couldn’t be that difficult to provide cleaning services in a more responsible and respectful way towards both clients and employees led them to joke about creating their own cleaning company. The joke became more and more serious with the growing realization, after some research, that this insufficient level of service was the standard throughout the industry.

They finally decided to create Netto Bureau, a different kind of cleaning company, that includes from inception the expectations of both clients and employees.


During her long career, Elvira had the opportunity of cleaning a wide variety of locations. The one thing her current and past clients share is the knowledge of how high her quality standards are. From the beginning, Netto Bureau has been instilled with the same passion and work ethic, so regardless of who performs each task, the end result will be unmistakable.

Our engagements with clients are based on hourly rates instead of fixed fees for a given period, to ensure full transparency and flexibility, with easy adaptation to the changing needs of each client, including periods of absence, aditional activity or emergencies.

Netto Bureau allocates a team with a minimum of two members for each client, to ensure that at least one person will always be available with full knowledge of the client’s location and specific needs, in case of an expected or unexpected absence of staff.

We are the only cleaning company in Luxembourg to provide clients with an online interface allowing them to see the list of planned or past cleaning engagements, with the possibility of directly creating new ones, changing or deleting them or leaving their feedback on executed engagements. The platform also allows the direct communication between company and client, and the downloading of documents such as invoices.


Being aware of the evidence showing that in Luxembourg, as in most European countries, cleaning services are performed mainly by the mothers of families in low social and economic classes, Vitor created Netto Bureau as a Social Business, following the concept proposed by Prof. Yunus, in which no dividends will ever be distributed with all profits continuously reinvested in the company.

The social focus areas of the company are three:

  • Fair compensation for cleaning professionals: A big part of society continues to believe that cleaning is a service that anyone can do without adequate training, which creates the vicious cycle of poor compensation causing and being motivated by poor cleaning standards. To reverse this issue cleaners need to be recognized as service providing experts and be compensated accordingly;
  • Fighting informality in cleaning: Informal cleaning services, mainly for residential clients, is something seen as normal, but most people (even the providers themselves) ignore the severe consequences this has in the lives of the cleaning professionals when they reach retirement age or suffer an injury or disease that causes a permanent impairment to their health condition;
  • Normal working hours for cleaners: Corporate clients have a preference for cleaning to be performed outside normal working hours. Considering again that cleaners include a significant part of the mothers of families in low social and economic classes, the impact of their absence from home at breakfast and dinner time is severe to their children, which are already seen as in higher risk for early school leaving, deliquency, etc.

Netto Bureau promotes environmental sustainability, namely in the selection of cleaning products, being the only Luxembourg cleaning company featured in the international sustainable development platform Made in Forest.


The Mission of Netto Bureau is the following:

  • To its clients, Netto Bureau will provide top level cleaning services, with no breaks in consistency due to absence of staff, have a transparent and honest relationship, with open and continuous communication, and the determination to always look for improvements on these standards;
  • To its employees, Netto Bureau will respect and prize each member of the team and empower them towards reaching their full potential. Besides adequate compensation, this is achieved by open communication, real team spirit, strong investment in training and rational work planning;
  • Netto Bureau will contribute to an improved compensation of cleaning professionals by having the best compensation package in the cleaning market for its employees, and by raising public awareness to this issue;
  • Netto Bureau will fight informality in the cleaning market by pricing its services to household clients at cost levels, providing the service of declaring an existing informal relation for free, and raising public awareness about the consequences of informal work;
  • Netto Bureau will contribute to cleaners having better working hours by only accepting engagements from 7:00 to 18:00 in week days, preventing any negative consequences this can have to corporate clients, careful planning of working hours of employees, and informing the public about this issue;
  • Netto Bureau will perform its activities in an economically and environmentally sustainable way.

"I would like to thank you very much for your help. I have been very pleased with the services provided by Netto Bureau. I was very impressed every time by the quality of the services and the friendliness of the people."

Yasim A.